Thinking of Sri Lanka

Even though I’ve been living in Europe for the past few years, and in Bahrain for 18 years before that, I will never forget where my roots lie. I don’t get to visit Sri Lanka often enough nowadays, and everytime I look through old pictures, nostalgia always gets to me. It is a beautiful country full of greenery, beaches, fresh fruit, and culture on every corner, as well as even more beautiful, smiling people everywhere.

This week, reflecting on what it means to call a place ‘Home‘, I’ve been thinking about our wonderful local Buddhist temples and how me and my father would always go and visit one every time we visited Sri Lanka. We would try to visit the temple during ‘Poya‘, which is the day of the full moon in each month. This day is a religious holiday in Sri Lanka, and is when local Buddhists will visit their temple to make offerings, pray, and meditate in the peace of the temple.

Visiting the local temple is part of what ‘community’ means in Sri Lanka. Every time I sit under the tranquil ‘Bo‘ or ‘Bodhi‘ tree – a sacred tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment, and which is at the heart of every Buddhist temple – I feel a deep connection with my own spirituality. Whether you’re a Buddhist or not, these serene locations are wonderful to visit and to experience a truly local atmosphere at any time of the year.

Have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Thinking of Sri Lanka

  1. arv! says:

    Having been to Lanka, I can say it has beautiful beaches. While one can’t compare it to Maldives which is in a different league and lot more expensive place, but the beaches in Sri Lanka are far better than the ones in India. Would love to visit once again!

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