Capturing Clingendael

The days are starting to get colder and gloomier, and the daylight hours shorter all too fast. Nonetheless, Clingendael remains as beautiful as ever on a sunny weekend, with the autumn leaves falling everywhere. This is such a beautiful park to walk through for an hour or two, and is just far enough from the centre to escape a Sunday crowd.

Clingendael dates back to the 16th century, and has been influenced by many garden architects over the years. The estate also houses the beautiful Japanese Gardens, which are only open twice a year, filled with stunning plants, bridges, and sculptures from Japan.

Even though the main attraction of the park may be the Japanese Gardens, the rest of the park takes centre stage for me. I love taking the time to walk all the way to Clingendael, and exploring as much as possible. On the weekend, I walked through the rose garden, found some geese playing in the water, and enjoyed the sight of the Clingendael Institute near the pond. As usual, the sun shining down made me feel very lucky to live in this beautiful city.

Enjoy the sunshine as much as you can this autumn! Have a lovely week.


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