My path this year has had its fair share of ups and downs.


University life has been amazing, and it’s sad to think that this will be my final year. I’m not particularly ready to let it go just yet. My course has taught me so much, especially with my specialisation, and the friends that I have made and gotten closer to this year have been wonderful.

I’ve travelled to the beautiful city of Vienna and all over The Netherlands, something I’m truly grateful for. Travelling around Europe since I arrived here in 2013 has sparked something in me, and I’m eager to keep travelling in the new year and onwards. I’m excited to not only see more of Europe, but to see the rest of the world – Asia, more of the Middle East… anywhere that life takes me.

I’ve started this blog, which has been a very fulfilling new experience. I love writing, and this has been a great way to start slowly delving into writing publicly and see other people blogging too. I’ve also discovered a love of photography (thanks to my favourite photographer partner in crime), and is something I’m definitely eager to explore further in the new year.

The upcoming year will definitely be the most challenging one of my life yet. I have some major decisions to make – whether to continue my academic education, go through the struggles of finding my first job… Who knows where I will end up this time next year? All I know right now is that I’m ready to make the most of my final six months in university, enjoy my time with my friends, explore even more of the beautiful city I have come to call home, and remain positive for my future.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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