The Hague By Night

The Hague is a stunning city by night, with a thousand beautiful lights and illuminated buildings. Walking around by ‘Het Plein’ or near the Parliament buildings provides for a wonderful view, no matter the season or weather. On a blustering cold and windy night, a walk through the city centre led to some wonderful photos.


Looking up at the huge Mondriaan mural on the outside of the City Hall (‘Stadhuis’).


The beautiful twinkling lights lining the outskirts of a square in the city. This area is known as ‘Het Plein’ in The Hague, and is a wonderful area surrounded by historic buildings, museums and a number of great restaurants and bars.


Despite the intense wind, this was a lovely road taken through the city, especially to look at it from a different angle. Seeing The Hague by night never fails to amaze me – it is so beautiful in its own way.

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