Streets of Roma

After successfully finishing my final year at university a few weeks ago, I finally visited one of my dream locations – Italy! I’d been wanting to visit since as long as I can remember, and the country was everything I had imagined – and so much more. I spent the last week with some wonderful ladies, and had an amazing time exploring three very different areas of the country – the mountains neighbouring a little village, the seaside town of Pescara, and – most importantly – Rome!

I was at a loss on where to even start blogging about this trip, considering the amazing locations I was lucky enough to see and the hundreds of photos taken. But I decided to start with Rome, the most beautiful capital city I have ever seen. Rome itself could take up a hundred different posts, but I thought to share some gorgeous photos of the streets and some of my favourite looks at the city, aside from the magnificent sights of the Colosseum, the Vatican, and so on.

IMG_7448IMG_7482IMG_7483IMG_7507IMG_7478IMG_7444IMG_7474IMG_7475IMG_7868IMG_7872IMG_7896Visiting this city brought me a wonderful sense of satisfaction – I still can’t quite believe I spent two wonderful days there. The streets, the skies, the warmth, and the food culminated in an experience right out of a dream. I can’t wait to go back and see it again, and explore Roma’s beautiful hidden areas which remain unseen.

Have a wonderful week!

9 thoughts on “Streets of Roma

  1. Nessa of Two Evils says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed staying in Rome – do you keep a diary while you travel? I have, on and off, since I was about 6 years old, and it really helped me gather my thoughts when looking back on my travels.

    • Piyumi says:

      I should really do that, great idea! I guess the blog is a little diary on its own, but a written journal would be a great way to reflect later.

      • Nessa of Two Evils says:

        I would write in the diary every night so everything was fresh in my mind. When I did my Canada posts back in the day on the old blog (I now do my life stuff on I’d draw on the diary entries and pick out the parts I wanted to share the most. It’s lovely to look back on both the blog (with the accompanied photos) and travel diary entries (with their details) for their differences.

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