Rocca Calascio

While travelling in Italy, I visited the home region of one of my closest friends – Abruzzo. In this stunning mountainous area of the country, we visited the ‘Rocca Calascio’, a fortress located on top of a mountain.

Aside from the fortress, there is a lovely little village situated just underneath, with homes, restaurants, and tiny shops housed within. The view from the top of the mountain was well worth hiking upwards for – you could see for miles and miles around the region. Though we experienced a bit of rain and cold at first, the weather soon cleared up afterwards and the sun shone while making our descent, allowing for all kinds of photos to be taken in different elemental states.


I really loved this part of the trip – it was very atypical of what tourists normally do in Italy, which is one of the best parts of travelling around with natives of a country.

Have a wonderful week!

Paleistuin (‘Palace Garden’)

Autumn has officially arrived in The Hague! Since this is my favourite season, it called for a little visit to Paleistuin, otherwise known as the Noordeinde Palace Gardens. It is one of the most peaceful and quietly beautiful parks in The Hague. At this time of the year, it was filled with red and orange autumn leaves everywhere, along with some warm sunshine – what could be better?

Tucked away behind the famous Noordeinde Palace and next to the Royal Stables, the park is filled with flowerbeds, tall trees, and a lovely pond – a little piece of nature heaven in the heart of the city. It also has very interesting sculptures and statues located inside.

Paleistuin was landscaped by the son of William of Orange (an ancestor of The Netherlands as a monarchy) for his mother, so it was known as the ‘Princesses’ Garden’ before it was renamed. It was later given to the Municipality of The Hague in the 20th century, and is now open to the public everyday.

The park is a wonderful location to take a walk in, relax, and to take a picnic on a sunny autumn day. It’s also just a few minutes away from one of the best shopping and culinary streets in the city – Piet Heinstraat!

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!