Dusk in Amsterdam

It’s a strange feeling to be done with university, and not have to worry about assignments and exams anymore. This week, I went to Amsterdam for dinner with some friends, and even though the afternoon was very cloudy and grey, when the sun started to set, the skies cleared up and led to some beautiful dusk photos of Amsterdam’s stunning bridges and canals.

Capturing these photos while enjoying time with my friends will always represent a special time for me – at the end of my degree, it is a time of change for me, where I am graduating and saying goodbye to a lot of special people as everyone returns home or travels elsewhere in the world. It is the end of one phase, but the beginning of the next part of my life, though I’m not sure what it might bring just yet for all of us!


In response to this week’s Photo Challenge: Delta.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunshine Strolls

Last week, I went on a wonderful, long walk through Amsterdam on a warm, cloudless day, a rarity here in these cold, rainy months! Walking all the way from one train station to another, I could enjoy the hot sunshine to its full benefit and discover some new canals and streets in Amsterdam that I had never seen before.

Walking from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Amsterdam Centraal was quite a feat, covering several kilometres, made especially harder when having to manoeuvre through the many canals in the centre of Amsterdam. It definitely paid off though! We passed a beautiful park called ‘Westerpark’ at the start of the walk, filled with birds, fountains, and blooming flowers.


The sunshine made for some beautiful photographs of the canals, standing atop the many bridges connecting the streets together.


A view from atop a bridge over a picturesque canal


A side view of one of the many canals in Amsterdam


Two pigeons sunbathing


One of Amsterdam’s many beautiful canals


Another canal in the centre of Amsterdam


In Dam Square


Close to the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam


A beautiful view next to Amsterdam Centraal Station

Have a wonderful week!

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival has just started on the 1st of this festive month, bringing a whole new stream of lights to this already sparkling city. The festival is held annually in December, and can be experienced either by walking or by taking a canal trip. The light artworks are featured all across the city centre for just under two months, with submissions from light artists all over the world.

Amsterdam is already a very illuminated city by night, with huge lit-up signs and buildings to be seen all over the centre. However, with the festive season and the start of the Light Festival, there were even more beautiful twinkling lights to be seen everywhere. I was only able to find four of the installations for the Light Festival (should have taken a map…), but the ones I found were stunning up close.


The stunning ‘De Bijenkorf’ department store in the city centre


One of the light artworks on display over a canal


A second light artwork on display


A rainbow light artwork on a canal bridge


A fourth light artwork, right next to the Amsterdam Central Station


Amsterdam Central Station all lit up at night

Seeing Amsterdam by night is truly beautiful, and something I will never tire of. Walking along the canals, watching people go by and seeing the Christmas lights appearing as the sky darkens will always be a wonderful way to spend a relaxing evening.

Amsterdam By Night

Amsterdam is a city that gives me very mixed feelings – without a doubt, it is absolutely stunning with its architecture, shopping streets, and about a million things to do at any time of the day. But because of its popularity, there is always a sense of chaos when you step out of the train station and enter the heart of the city.

I realise that this is what city life is really like – especially in one of the biggest tourist cities in the world – but the crowds in Amsterdam are unlike anything I’ve experienced before. And at night, the city takes on a whole new level of chaos – but this is precisely the best time to experience the city’s real spirit and beauty.