Visiting Rotterdam

On King’s Day last week, I paid a short visit to the nearby city of Rotterdam while the sun was shining. It had been a while since I’d visited another city, and the wanderlust impulse was calling. Since it had been raining just that morning, the clouds and sky over this big and very commercial city were quite beautiful.

Rotterdam is not usually one of my go-to spots, as it is quite lacking in the ‘nature’ department. However, it is a great city for shopping, eating, and walking around. The shopping areas of the city are far larger than in The Hague, and filled with a lot more boutique stores, in addition to the more famous fashion chains.


A little further away from the city centre is the well-known ‘Erasmusbrug’, or Erasmus Bridge, which connects the north and south parts of the city together. A towering construction, it has quite the view over the port city of Rotterdam. These are some photos I took around this time last year, with slightly greyer skies.


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